Our college consulting services provide your family with a unique, streamlined process that will secure your teen’s best-fitting career path and school… and will at the same time save your family thousands of dollars in tuition and student loans.

Each area of college planning relates to the next. For example, you cannot focus just on finding the best fitting school without first doing career development work.

Career planning is the first and most important step when it comes to our college consulting services. We spend more than 40 hours of one-on-one, individualized career planning work with each student to begin our work together. This work is vital to each student’s success, regardless if they have an idea of what they want to study in college or not.

From there, we define a degree set that aligns with your student’s individualized career path and build a list of schools that excel in your student’s desired field. Then we create a host of unique money-saving strategies for your family and student–ensuring you and your teen will not overpay for his or her degree.

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At the same time, we help your teen find his or her best fitting school and coach him or her through the college application process. We keep your student accountable with all the work and dates that must be met (FAFSA, application deadlines, etc.), and offer a top-notch College Essay-Writing Center to help your student write his or her best college essay.

We also partner with local ACT/SAT test prep businesses (for those who are interested), offer test-taking advice, and incorporate your student’s scores into his or her college plan.

Career Planning

We spend 40+ hours working through your teen’s strengths and interests, defining his or her desired career path, and building a list of prospective schools while preparing your family for campus visits.

Admissions Support

We coach your student through the FAFSA, college applications and essay writing. We also help your student integrate ACT/SAT scores into his or her college plan.

Your Teen’s Best College

Finding the Right Fit

Big vs. small school? Urban vs. rural? We work with you to vet the metrics…to make sure you’re “buying” this education for the right value (not for the mascot!).

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Funding Strategies

We develop strategies to leverage scholarships, financial aid and other funding sources to reduce tuition costs and student loan debt.