Funding Strategies

College tuition costs have risen 400% in the last 13 years… and 1100% in the last 35 years.

To put this in perspective, college tuition has risen nearly twice as much as healthcare costs have risen in the same amount of time.

To make the higher education they need a possibility, more and more American teens are taking on student loan debt.

And now, student loan debt has topped $1.4 trillion in the U.S. And 3,000 Americans default on those loans every single day.

What Happens when  you Default on your Student Loans

When you read headlines like “student loan debt crisis,” they’re not exaggerating. A quick Google search of the term will put you in front of a lot of real news that no one’s talking enough about. And that’s because not enough people understand the solution.

College Liftoff understands both the problem and the solution. We will help your family avoid overpaying for college… and help your student avoid taking on too much student loan debt.

This includes, but is not limited to, help you navigate college scholarships, the FAFSA, universities endowment structures, and your own family’s personal college savings budget.

  • Whether you cannot afford to pay for four years of college tuition (the cost of buying a brand new car every year for each child)
  • Or you technically CAN and just don’t wan’t to spend that kind of money (dipping into savings and retirement)

We will help you save thousands of dollars while ensuring your child’s brightest future.

That’s why we call education an investment.
College Liftoff has helped more than 650 families save more than $35 million in higher education. Let us do the same for you.