Funding Strategies

Student loan debt has topped $1.4 trillion. College tuition costs have risen 400% in the last 13 years… and 1100% in the last 35 years. It’s safe to say that things have gotten out of control. Whether you’re relying on financial aid, student loans, or are planning to self-fund, understanding your available options is critical. In order to interpret these options, you must:

  • Know how to properly read colleges’ and universities’ financials
  • Understand how endowments affect potential financial aid
  • Understand universities’ scholarship policy structures

Grasping the benefits and limitations to your college savings vehicles is important. While we’re not financial advisors, we are here to help you navigate the different options available to fund your student’s education. Once we have worked together to understand your student’s college options and the market value of his or her desired degree, together we will map out a budget over the next four years. We compare, contrast, and navigate your student’s school award letters to help you make the right decisions.

Our Families save an average of $13.5k per year!