We’re Expanding our Services to Help

Students Graduating Middle School!

College Liftoff Plus is designed for forward-thinking families who want to create a solid college plan–financially, academically and career-wise–early on, and not be blindsided or stressed later down the road.

Students in 9th and 10th grade will immediately begin doing career-development work in the form of job-shadowing and workshops/seminars. Students will also receive personalized curriculum planning for each year of high school to correspond with the career-development work they’ll be doing. As they begin their junior years, CL Plus students will begin working on-one-on with an advisor to create their personalized college plan and strategy.

college lift off plus for middle school

This is a multi-year program that will guide students all the way through their high school graduations! Benefits to students include:

A better preparedness for high school work and course-load.

A more mature understanding of future career paths and the work it takes to achieve them.

The ability to explore fields and interests they may not have otherwise considered.

Better focus throughout high school, with their “eyes on the prize.”
More time to develop a plan overtime, leading to less stress and more time to focus on schoolwork during students’ critical junior and senior years.

Parents will also be more prepared and armed with a plan for their children’s education. Join us in preparing your children for a bright future with College Liftoff Plus Today!