Finding the Right Fit

  • Will your child thrive in a large university with a diverse student body?
  • Or will your student’s needs and personality be best met on a smaller, more intimate campus?
  • How far away from home would your teen like to be?
  • And will your child prefer studying in a big city or a rural setting?

Chances are, your teen has some opinions about these kinds of things. But it’s important not to let this aspect of choosing a school guide your decision-making. “Finding the right fit” is one of many important factors when choosing the right college.

The truth is, most students and parents lead with this–and that’s why so many students today end up transferring schools and switching majors.

This, in turn, winds up costing more time and money.

Why not do it the right way from the start?

College Liftoff helps students find their “right fit” the right way by:

  • Helping families understand the right way to visit a campus (yes, there is a wrong way)!
  • Showing families what to really look for on college visits.
  • Advising them about talking to departments, sitting in on college classes, and finding the right academic fit.

Though two schools may offer similar sounding majors, each one is different with a different area of focus. It’s important to know what a department looks like at different schools. College Liftoff’s advisors help you do just that.

We’ve helped more than 650 students find their best fitting school and career path.

In fact, 100% of our Class of ’18 says the college they chose is their very best fit socially, academically and financially. Check out our Google reviews and testimonials for more information.

Remember, there are some 5,000 colleges in the U.S. All of them are good at different things. How is your teen to know what each one is like? Let our experts guide your teen to the best fitting school for him or her–not the school’s mascot, football team or weather.