College Done Right

Planning for College the Right Way

Remember the days when college students could put themselves through school by waiting tables? Well, today college tuition alone will run you the cost of a house or Lamborghini. Your child can’t wait enough tables in school to afford that. As a result, students take on loans without understanding the ramifications…and spend the next decade (or longer) paying them off.

What happens when you default on student loans.

Parents need help. Teens need help. High school guidance counselors can offer some help…but according to the Columbus Dispatch, the average high school student receives only about 9.5 minutes of college counseling a year. And six in 10 receive NO college counseling. To make matters even trickier, there are hundreds of majors out there for students to choose from. But not all of these programs are equal.

Here’s What Help Looks Like

It’s imperative today for all teens–both teens that have idea of what they want to study and teens who don’t–to work with a college planning consultant to do the proper career development necessary to picking the right school and career. Learn More

How are high school students supposed to navigate this process on their own?

College Liftoff is here for you. By empowering families to treat college as an investment–and working with our advisors on an all-encompassing college search involving career planning, admissions support and funding strategies–we can save you time, stress and money when it comes to your student’s college education and future career.

Hiring the Right College Planner

How do you know if you’re hiring the right college planning firm? College is so expensive as it is–why would you spend more money before your child even gets there? Well, you’re being asked to spend $80k-$250k on college tuition. What else do you spend that kind of money on without consulting a professional? To make sure you’re making a good investment?

A good college planning firm will actually save you money on college. That’s because good college planner knows the financial aspects of higher education, and knows how to do the right career development work with students to make sure they graduate with a degree that will pay off.

College Liftoff saves families an average of $80,000 in four years of college education. We’ve helped more than 650 families save more than $35 million in higher education–all while securing their teens’ best-fitting career paths. Let us do the same for you.

Picking the Right College Major

How do you pick the right college major when there are so many to choose from? College Liftoff is here to help. We work with students to vet their strengths, interests and passions, and introduce them to potential career paths. Next, we help students research these career paths and the majors and schools that best lead to those career paths. We set up job-shadowing opportunities so students can see what these majors translate to in the real world. With our expert knowledge of colleges across the country–along with a firm understanding of the working world–we match your student’s unique passions with available majors and minors to create the best combination of areas of study.

We will launch your student on the greatest path for future career success.

Choosing the Right College

So many factors go into choosing the right college for your son or daughter. There’s the financial and career planning aspects, and both are equally important. How much college can you afford? How much should you spend? What colleges have the best programs for your student’s chosen career path?

We will answer these questions and more with your family–launching your student on the right career path from the start. Don’t stress. Contact College Liftoff for a Free Family Consultation.