College as an Investment

Our mission is to empower students and their families to view college differently than we ever have before. We must begin treating education as an investment. 



1.) The act of putting out money in order to gain profit or income.

In the case of higher education, the investment is the degree which should be able to produce a measurable income worth more than the cost of the degree over a set period of time.

With this perspective of higher education in mind, College Liftoff works with students and their families on a personalized four-pronged approach to college–saving families time, stress, and money in the process:

Career Planning

We assess your son or daughter’s strengths and interests, define a career path, and build a list of prospective schools while preparing your family for campus visits.

Admissions Support

We coach your student through college applications, and essay writing, as well as how to integrate ACT/SAT scores into your student’s college plan.

Funding Strategies

We develop strategies to leverage scholarships, financial aid and other funding sources to minimize student loan debt.

Finding the Right Fit

Big vs. small school? Urban vs. rural? We work with you to vet the metrics…to make sure you’re “buying” this education for the right value (not for the mascot!).

Very few companies provide the full range of service that College Liftoff offers (most offer just one aspect of college planning, like career development OR financial planning). But College Liftoff is your one-stop shop for students to go through the entire process from start to finish.

We work exclusively with your family through this process, with no outside influences.

Since 2009, College Liftoff has helped hundreds of students design their career path and find the right school at the right price. Let’s get started securing your student’s successful future, together.