Admissions Support

Did you know that there are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the country? And that most offer over well 100 majors?

With our extensive and expert knowledge of colleges and universities across the country, we can “marry” your student’s strengths and passions with available majors and minors to create the best combination of areas of study and launch your student on the greatest path for future career success.

There might be a program in your student’s area of interest that is slightly more specialized to his or her passions and strengths. We will help you find them! Paired with a special interest minor, we can create a flexible and adaptable degree set that will ensure future career success  and “hire-ability.”

Then, we can work with you to narrow down a list of potential colleges based on such things as financial aid, scholarships, study abroad and other academic interests. Once we have the list of potential schools, we prepare your student for campus visits, meetings with faculty in their major and discussions with admissions staff.

College Liftoff will ensure that your student is prepared to make the best impression possible. We offer all of our clients a workshop that covers such topics as:

  • Questions to expect and to pose
  • Dressing for the interview
  • Interpersonal communication tips
  • Post-meeting follow-up